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About Us

The Founders

Sharon F. Kleyne co-founded Rogue Valley Natural Springs in 1989, with her husband, Willem Kleyne. Both have an inborn affinity to water due to their place of birth. Sharon grew up in Southwest Oregon, with its rainforests, numerous rivers and mist-shrouded canyons. Bill was born in the Netherlands, famous for its dikes and water reclamation projects. A wholly-owned subsidiary, Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies Biomedical Research for Water and Hydrotherapy, was established in 1998. The company's groundbreaking research into Bio-Logic Aqua tissue-culture grade of water has gained worldwide respect from the medical profession, biological researchers and the cosmetics, skin care and eye care industries. Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies continues to be the only water company, worldwide, committed to researching all-natural water for pharmaceutical and medical use: processes through which the skin, eyes, and mouth absorb and utilize moisture. Sharon Kleyne continues to inspire people from all over the world including scientists and physicians to join the company in its mission to learn more about water and hydrotherapy for a better quality of life.

Beautiful Southern Oregon

Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies Biomedical Research is headquartered in Grants Pass, Oregon, 250 miles south of Portland and 50 miles from California, where US-199 breaks off from I-5 and heads to the coast. The company's research center, administrative offices, and bottling facility are located on property fronting the world-famous Rogue River, two-thirds of the way down the river's 280-mile run from Crater Lake National Park to the Pacific Ocean.

Bio-Logic Aqua source

Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies has invested extensively in geological and hydrological studies in order to understand the natural spring water source of Bio-Logic Aqua. The spring lies at the confluence of two unusually deep underground rivers originating in the Cascade Mountains near Crater Lake, and in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness in the ancient Siskiyou Mountains. Although the volume of water emerging at the spring is massive, it takes thousands of years for it to reach the spring from its point of origin. The water is naturally final-filtered through a debris field of quartz-diorite rock between Dollar Mountain and the Rogue River. Due to the aquifer's depth, and the extensive natural filtering, the spring is impervious to drought, surface pollution, and earthquake and volcanic activity. Within the past decade, variations in flow rate, purity and mineral analysis have been negligible. Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies continues to study the spring and surrounding area to discover more about the water's molecular/biological potential.

"Tissue-culture grade"

"Tissue-culture grade", indicates that a water has been researched, documented, bottled to pharmaceutical standards and certified as suitable for use in laboratory tissue-culture research, and in therapeutic medical and dental applications. Bio-Logic Aqua tissue-culture grade water is the first natural water ever certified for this application. Since tissues behave more normally in a natural environment, the fact that Bio-Logic Aqua is all-natural is an added benefit.

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